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Wednesday January 9, 2013

SMS your views

> Way to go, Nicol!

Datuk Nicol David, u have proven that u never give up! Keep up d good job, well done!

> Make them pay

SPAD must take action against overloaded sand carrying lorries on highway fm Tapah to KL NKVE every mrng! It causes accidents! Do something!

> Where is efficiency?

I called Puspel to inform of water disruption at my house. I was put on hold for more than 30mins and finally got cut off. Last week I waited for 22 minutes!

> Use the ballot box

Don’t disrupt peace & stability by having another Perhimpunan Rakyat. Do it via ballot box.

> Patch them up, please

Road leading to Aman Perdana, Klang used by heavy vehicles bad condition with potholes. Many accidents. Patching does not help if workmanship is bad. Potholes getting bigger every day at Jln Bukit, PJ near shoplots. Parking lines hv disappeared. Exposed manhole on d main road still not fixed. – Resident

> It’s your job, housemen

For those housemen who complain about working long hours, you can always quit. This might not be your line.

Many housemen need to correct their attitude towards work and put their patients first before wanting more time off. > Clean the park

TTDI Park is in a disgusting state, grass uncut and suspension bridge not repaired for two years!

> Price tags upfront

Shops/supermarkets shud print d items expiry dates on d hampers items list. Got a hamper with most items expiring in a month or two.

> More patrols needed

More police m’cycle patrol units r urgently required to deter criminals fr targeting foreign tourists who will surely bad mouth M’sia upon returning home.


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