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Sunday January 6, 2013

Eyeing marriage

IN January 2012, I turned 24 and began to learn what it was like being a working adult. I faced many challenges in beginning a new life in busy Kuala Lumpur without my family around. Renting a house in a crowded area near the city centre taught me to become braver and to always be alert about my surroundings and my own security. City folk have taught me a lot about life and friendship and work.

My biggest dream for this year is to get married by the end of it. I do believe in God’s plan, as He always knows better than me. But I really, truly wish that I can become a wife by end of 2013. That’s my dream, his dream, our dream.

Also, this is the year in which my two youngest brothers are scheduled to complete their studies, and I really hope that both of them will do well in their studies.

Apart from that, I hope that by year’s end I will have a stable and satisfactory job about which I can say, “This is the career I’ve been looking for”.

For all the citizens of my beloved Malaysia, I wish a happy and prosperous 2013. To everyone, everywhere, I hope that this will be a year that will give rise to new hope and new lives to those who are in need.


N. Khay

Petaling Jaya


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