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Monday September 24, 2012

Logging in forest reserve to facilitate construction of Rawang bypass

LOGGING activities in a forest reserve next to Taman Rimba Commonwealth and Hutan Lipur Kanching in Templer’s Park, Rawang are to make way for an elevated highway.

The project is known as Rawang bypass which connects Templer’s Park to Sungai Choh near Serendah.

Curious motorists cannot help but notice huge logs stacked along Jalan Ipoh near the famous waterfalls opposite Hutan Lipur Kanching.

Another site is at Taman Rimba Commonwealth also located on Jalan Ipoh.

There were cranes loading the logs onto a 40-foot trailer to be transported out of the area while trees on the hills were being cut down.

A source from the National Forestry Department revealed that the logging activities were carried out to make way for the new 60-metre high elevated highway.

He added that the project came under the Public Works Department (PWD) .

At the expense of nature: Logs being loaded onto a lorry at the site where an
information board shows that the highway project is being carried out by the PWD. At the expense of nature: Logs being loaded onto a lorry at the site where an information board shows that the highway project is being carried out by the PWD.

“This highway is aimed at easing traffic congestion in Rawang town.

“Motorists from Kuala Lumpur or Selayang heading to Kuala Kubu Baru, Serendah, Rasa and Tanjung Malim will be able to bypass Rawang town via the elevated highway.

“The logging and construction is expected to be completed by December this year,’’ he said.

He said that the state government was being paid RM2.64mil for the contractors to log 39.44ha in the forest reserve.

The licence displayed on the information board at the site stated that works started on Aug 13 and will end by Feb 12 next year.

He said the state had approved the project during the Selangor Economic Action Council meeting recently.

He said another area would be allocated to plant trees to replace the ones that were taken from these forest reserve.

“New trees that are smaller in size will be planted under the highway pillars,’’ he added.

State tourism, consumer affairs and environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong confirmed that the project came under PWD.

She said only a small part of the forest was being logged to make way for the project.

Rawang resident, Vijaya Sundram, 49, said residents did not feel happy about the logging activities. They used to admire the beautiful trees and scenic waterfalls when they pass by the area.

“The camping area and the beauty of Templer’s Park is gone. I fear more trees will be destroyed with more development taking place in the surrounding areas,’’ he said.


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