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Friday July 20, 2012

Kuntum UPSR workshop polishes their skills in answering exam questions

OVER 200 Year Six pupils who will be sitting for the UPSR examination attended Kuntum Bengkel Kecemerlangan UPSR 2012 recently.

The workshop was held at the KDU University College in Daman-sara Jaya and was organised by Malaysia’s number one children’s magazine Kuntum.

During the one-day comprehensive workshop, pupils were given tips on how to score straight As in the upcoming exam.

Ready for exam: Participants of the Kuntum Bengkel Kecermelangan UPSR 2012 posing for a picture with Kuntum mascot Si Pintar.

The subjects covered were Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathe-matics and Science.

The four trainers have more than 20 years of experience teaching the respective subjects.

Pupils were taught skills in answering the exam papers, techniques for scoring high marks and shown how to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, the trainers covered hot UPSR topics with the pupils during the workshop.

Attendee Harjeet Kaur, 12, from Bangsar felt that the programme was very good.

“I learnt a lot especially how to answer questions using correct sentences and how to make fewer mistakes when writing essays in Bahasa Malaysia and English,” she said.

Eian Brian Towle said the workshop’s experienced speakers were thorough and helpful.

“It’s my first time at a Kuntum workshop and I do not mind going for another educational workshop organised by the magazine in the future.

“It gives me more confidence to answer the questions in the coming exam,” said Towle.

Another participant Mohd Shahrul Rizal Song from Subang Jaya said he had received many study tips on the subjects covered.

“I found the whole workshop very helpful and have benefited greatly especially in Bahasa Malaysia as I am from a Chinese school,” said Mohd Shahrul.

All participants were presented with a certificate of participation by the magazine and four past-year question workbooks sponsored by Sasbadi Sdn Bhd.

Kuntum will be holding a holiday workshop this November titled Kuntum Holiday Workshop.

For details, look out for the advertisement and announcement in the Kuntum magazine and The Star newspaper.


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