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Monday May 7, 2012

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> Mental health

Many primary school teachers hv mental stress and problems. Govt must make it compulsory for all primary school teachers to undergo yearly mental check-ups too.

> Tribute to legend

What better way 2 honour d memory of our gr8 ‘King of Entertainment’ P. Ramlee dan 2 restore his KL house 2 its fmr glory n turn it in2 a Living Museum? - Oim

> Fair play

What Malaysians want is a fair, clean and just election. EC and the Govt should find the ways. - Subra

Thank you Tg A. Aziz for expressing our sentiments on B3.0. - LK

> Be responsible

Rich parents who pay for their children’s overseas education cost must remind them to pay back by monthly interest-free instalments when they begin working.

> Smart ideas

Intelligent points raised by P. Gunasegaram on 10 ways 4 d Govt 2 raise revenue.

> Request for BSN

Bank Simpanan Nasional should consider publishing monthly Sijil Simpanan Premium results in all newspapers. - Concerned Citizen, Kajang.

> Road manners, please

Please don’t road hog. Think of other motorists.

> Federal Highway nuisance

Motorcyles are riding along the Federal Highway and this is illegal. Cops, what are you doing about this!

> Speed tunnel

Motorists are driving too fast in the Smart Tunnel. Time to get this reckless speedsters before a major pile-up occurs.

> Love Nature

Malaysians should watch Crimes Against Nature at Astro (Channel 550) every Monday at 11pm. Watch it and u will see how your actions affect nature.

> What a waste

Called water authority, complained on main pipe burst at Tmn Jati, Kulim. Still no repairs. Off only 3km away. Talk about saving water. - Kumar

> Green, green grass of woe

Grass has grown tall along Jln Kapar Batu 7, causing accidents. Reports hv been made many times but no action taken. - Calvin Arokiam


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