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Monday April 23, 2012

Sms your views

> Traffic violation

A group of foreign women n men are violating traffic n direct selling laws at banting/kesas traffic lights. No one done anything - s.t.raj

> Same pension but ...

How is tht evry1’s incremnt is difrent undr d revisd pension evn whn dey were on d same salary scale on retiremnt? Some recve rm70, some rm100 .

> Feeling safe

Police presence at any sort of a congregation is always welcome. it makes people feel safe n sound.

> God’s gifts

Parents r God’s gift 2 children n vice-versa. Dey r irreplaceable. D only way 4 children 2 show der love n appreciation is 2 take gud care of dem til der dying days.

> Cops and visors

Policemen on duty must not use tinted visor helmets. Who knows if they r crooks.

> Faith in the boss

I’ve faith in Najib in achieving high income status by 2020. But he must be tougher on govt departments who don’t share this vision.

> Of traffic and development

Low traffic volume@Senai-Desaru Highway due to too much development focused on Iskandar hub & not much on east Johor. Build theme park@Desaru beach - Lee Hui Seng

> Loans and payments

What future generations r v grooming by allowing them 2 take PTPTN loans n then ditching their responsibilities by protesting for it 2 b written off?

> Tout nuisance

Touts in Ipoh Gdn East blocking parking spaces & collecting parking fees at nite. Is this legal?

> Misplaced priority

Bad Malaysian drivers’ priority is to beat the traffic lights. Better print their licences

> Water woes

Our water catchment and streams all destroyed. Housing and factories approved and built along catchments. Dirty discharge and runoff straight into rivers.


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