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Tuesday March 6, 2012

Department proposes advertising guidelines for agencies

JOHOR BARU: The Labour Department is proposing that a guideline be drawn up for advertisement agencies as there have been a lot of advertisements featuring illegal jobs, thus misleading the public.

The department’s foreign workers division director Yusoff Harun said many unregistered companies placed vague advertisements in newspapers or job agencies that could cause the public to get the wrong idea, especially for jobs in Singapore.

“Since 2008, we have received 3,500 reports from Malaysians, mostly from Sabah, Sarawak and Johor working in Singapore pertaining to such advertisements,” he told pressmen in a briefing session here recently.

Duping the public: Yusoff (left) showing examples of misleading advertisements offering lucrative salaries where the public usually ended up with half of the salary promised or were placed in a different work environment.

He said the reports were lodged through the department’s attaché in Singapore and there were already 24 reports made since the beginning of the year.

He said that victims usually are lured by the attractive offers in the advertisements but are left disappointed when they end up with half the promised salary or a different work environment.

“These advertisements usually do not include the company’s name, address, position offered and job description,” he said adding that the misleading advertisements only state that a job is offered with high pay.

Yusoff stressed the need for a proper guideline as misleading advertisements could lead to human trafficking and victims being made use as drug mules.

“Advertisement agencies should also take note that a proper job vacancy advertisement must include the company or agency’s registration number and information about the vacancy such as job requirements and job scope,” he added.

He also advised those looking for jobs to go to a registered job agency or approach the company themselves rather than being lured by advertisements that promise lucrative salaries.

He added that the department would work with the Home Ministry and Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry to establish proper guidelines for such advertisements before they were published in magazines or in the newspapers.


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