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Sunday February 26, 2012

Online reality contest

MANY cooks do not always spoil the broth. PKT Logistics group managing director and group chief executive officer Datuk Michael Tio thinks that a successfully-run business cannot do without personnel from these backgrounds — finance, accounting, marketing and human resource.

Hence, it is a requirement that teams participating in the Kamu Dipecat! online reality competition soon to be launched next month comprise members from these different disciplines.

“Some students are too focused on the theories when they enter the working world,” says Tio.

Tio says the competition will give students a chance to run a company.

This inter-varsity competition, he adds, will give students an opportunity to try their hands at “running” a company.

The students will be given the challenge of coming up with proposals on how to turn around a new subsidiary company with RM50,000 invested by the PKT Logistics Group.

“When running a subsidiary, you owe the creditors money. Students have to decide what to do with the RM50,000 in the best possible way,” Tio explains.

“They can choose to pay off the creditors first but then they can’t turn the company around without business income. Likewise, the students have to consider the penalties if they decide to venture into the business without paying the creditor,” he adds.

Tio cautions that the challenge will not be easy with the obstacles thrown at the participants each week.

Only the teams that come up with the best solutions will be able to save their seats on the boardroom, albeit a virtual one because all the teams will be tele-conferencing with the PKT board directors cum judges over Skype.

The carrot being dangled at students interested in joining the competition inlcudes cash prizes. Winners will also be offered jobs at the PKT Logistics with double promotions.

“Students may make some error of judgement in this competition but the mistakes made will help them to see how they can perform better in the real world,” says Tio.

For more information on the Kamu Dipecat! competition, visit the PKT Logistics Facebook group or www.pktgroup.com/csr/education-kamu-dipecat-TnC.php.