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Saturday December 8, 2012

Making others happy also an incentive, says Nobel laureate

<b>Happiness is wealth:</b> Dr Yunus
(left) being congratulated by
Dr Sharifah after launching the
book on social business at UKM. Happiness is wealth: Dr Yunus (left) being congratulated by Dr Sharifah after launching the book on social business at UKM.


BANGI: The first step towards solving many problems affecting the world today is to dissociate from the obsession of making money.

Nobel laureate Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus said in social business enterprises the main focus is on solving social problems, and not making profit.

“As long as you remain devoted to making money, your mind won't be thinking of solving all the problems,” he said during the launch of the UKM Yunus Centre for Advancement of Social Business (UKM - Yunus CASB) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) last night.

Dr Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006 and the founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, said universities provide the grounds for young people to see the benefits of social business enterprises.

“Money making is an incentive, but then making other people happy is also an incentive. In fact, making others happy is super happiness.

We let the young people have a taste of both these experiences and then decide which is best,” said Dr Yunus.

He also mentioned successful social business initiatives carried out in Bangladesh, including the collaboration with French food company Danone to address malnutrition among children as well as a partnership with Adidas to provide shoes for poor people.

UKM - Yunus CASB will play a role in studying, advocating and catalysing social businesses in Malaysia.

Also present was UKM vice-chancellor Prof Tan Sri Datuk Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hasan Shahabudin.


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