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Thursday December 6, 2012

Nobel Laureate to talk at UKM fund-raiser on social businesses

<b>Social Business:</b> Nobel Laureate Peace Prize 2006 recipient Prof Muhammad Yunus will be giving a talk at the
upcoming UKM fund-raiser. Social Business: Nobel Laureate Peace Prize 2006 recipient Prof Muhammad Yunus will be giving a talk at the upcoming UKM fund-raiser.

UNIVERSITI Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) will be organising a fundraising dinner, the Yunus Dinner tomorrow to launch the UKM-Yunus Centre for Advancement of Social Business (UKM-Yunus CASB) as well as the Malay edition of social business books.

The event will be held at Dewan Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR) is aimed at introducing social business as a potential business venture as well as to increase awareness of social business.

Patrons can expect an evening with the recipient of Nobel Laureate Peace Prize 2006, Prof Muhammad Yunus at the dinner with the theme, “An Evening with Laureate”.

UKM-Yunus CASB, which is placed under the UKM Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development (UKM-Cesmed), was established to advocate and implement the concept of social business as an alternative to the capitalist business system.

It will be achieved through a three-pronged strategy comprising commercial and social-based businesses as well as educational programmes to promote and enhance understanding of social entrepreneurship among students and the general public.

Research programmes that include social impact studies, community needs and assets assessment will be conducted to help in reducing social problems.

The centre aspires to come out with social entrepreneurship models and practices that are adaptable to current world’s situations. These models will in turn be used as teaching materials in entrepreneurship courses at UKM-Cesmed and other centres nationwide.

Money raised from the dinner will be put in a special fund under the UKM-CASB.


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