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Monday December 31, 2012

National Grand Prix Finals results


Men’s singles: Misbun Ramdan Misbun (Sel) bt Chong Wei Feng (Ked) 13-21, 21-18, 21-18.

Men’s doubles: Hoon Thien How-Tan Wee Kiong (Kul-Joh) bt Chooi Kah Ming-Ow Yao Han (Pah-Mal) 21-14, 21-15.

Women’s singles: Tee Jing Yi (Pen) bt Lydia Cheah (Kul) 21-18, 23-21.

Women doubles: Amelia Alicia Anscelly-Soong Fie Choo (Sab) bt Lydia Cheah-Sonia Cheah (Kul) 14-21, 23-21, 21-13.

Mixed doubles: Goh V Shem-Soong Fie Cho (Kul-Sab) bt Lim Khim Wah-Vivian Hoo (Ked-Kul) 21-18, 7-21, 21-19.


Men’s doubles: Hoon Thien How-Tan Wee Kiong (Kul-Joh) bt Low Juan Shen-Tan Yip Juin (Nse-Pen) 21-14, 22-20.

Women’s doubles: Lydia Cheah-Sonia Cheah (Kul) bt Sannatasah Saniru-Tee Jing Yi (Sab-Pen) 21-13, 14-21, 21-18.


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