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Monday December 3, 2012

Mega book fair a hit among the young and old

A salesgirl teaching a young customer how to use a reading device in the shape of a pen that reads aloud the content of story books. A salesgirl teaching a young customer how to use a reading device in the shape of a pen that reads aloud the content of story books.

JOHOR BARU: The reading culture is definitely going strong in Johor Baru as visitors even showed up an hour before the doors open at the Popular mega book fair here to get their hand on the bargains.

Thousands that thronged the fair were spoilt for choice with a large selection of books, stationery, and music and multimedia products at up to 70% discount.

While visitors filled their baskets with purchases, kids could be seen sitting beside the display shelves with a book in their hands.

For English teacher Sobia Wasi, 35, the book fair is a yearly affair as she could spend more than five hours exploring the shelves and shelves of books.

“We look forward to the book fair every year because I just love reading and so do my husband and three children.

“I even tell my kids to save their pocket money so that they can use it to buy books that they want as a way to train them to manage their spending at the same time,” she said.

Sobia added that she filled up her shopping basket with books from her favourite authors including Tom Clancy and Jeffrey Archer.

Father-of-two Phi Huh Chooh, 35, said that he was surprised at the crown turnout this year.

“I went to the fair in the morning on the first day and the hall was already packed compared to last year.

“But that did not deter me to take the opportunity to buy story books for my sons to encourage them to read more,” said the carpenter.

Meanwhile, Popular senior business development manager Siew Sheue Liang said that more than 80 activities were lined up for the 13-day fair.

“There will be talks and book signings by local and international authors, cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs and nutritionists to keep visitors entertained while browsing the books,” he said.

Siew added that shoppers also could redeem a free gift when they bring their own shopping bag to the fair in conjunction with its Go Green campaign.


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