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Friday November 30, 2012

Campaign helps donors fulfil children’s wishes

What girl s want : Donor Chin Ji Yi, 30, presenting Barbie dolls to Ng Ai Jia, 7, (left) and Leong Ching Wen, 8. What girl s want : Donor Chin Ji Yi, 30, presenting Barbie dolls to Ng Ai Jia, 7, (left) and Leong Ching Wen, 8.

THE hall at Ti-Ratana Welfare Society’s home in Salak South Baru, Kuala Lumpur reverberated with sounds of joy and laughter during the Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) Gold Ribbon Grant-A-Wish campaign.

Some 135 children received gifts based on their wish list by kind donors who took up the campaign with ROLF. The four-year-old campaign has one main aim — for donors to give gifts based on every child’s wish.

ROLF, a community initiative by CreatiVision Group of Companies, was initiated by ROLF’s founder Adelyn Lim and has seven coloured ribbons that represent various campaigns.

Ti-Ratana is the second home to benefit from the campaign this year.

Ti-Ratana Welfare Society Malaysia president Datuk Liu Thim Soon said they were on the constant lookout for events like these to help them with the children.

“Events like this help create excitement for the children. We are a welfare home so we cannot grant each child’s wish but with ROLF’s campaign, these kind donors help us fulfil each child’s wish, provided it is reasonable,” he said.

Liu said they welcome campaigns of similar nature because it complements the work of the welfare society.

Happy bunch: The children from the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society and the donors of the ROLF Gold Ribbon Grant-A-Wish campaign after the gift handover ceremony. Happy bunch: The children from the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society and the donors of the ROLF Gold Ribbon Grant-A-Wish campaign after the gift handover ceremony.

Most of the children requested for items such as school uniforms, sports shoes, badminton racquets, USB flash drives, MP4 players and even some Barbie dolls.

One of the donors is Kelvin Anthony who donated two pairs of school uniforms to 30 children from the home.

According to him, this is the third year he has collaborated with ROLF and has successfully roped in his family and in-laws into the ROLF circle.

“For me, ROLF is a more direct approach at community service.

“Most times, we do not know if the money we donate reaches the children but here I know whatever I donate goes to the children,” he said.

Kelvin, who is also the founder of Biking M’sia, has brought his group that joins ROLF on their trips to homes under the name ROLF Riders.

The ROLF Riders take the children of the homes they visit on short motorcycle joy rides.

“It is a simple thing we bikers can do to give back to the community.

Donor Chin Ji Yi, 30, opted to grant four children a wish each; two little girls received Barbie dolls while two boys received badminton racquets.

Chin admitted to be a little taken aback by the request for Barbie dolls but was pleased that the children’s wishes could come true.

“I really did not expect Barbie dolls to be on the list but I chose the girls as soon as I saw it because it was interesting,” she said.

This is the second time she has joined the bandwagon and says ROLF’s simple objective was the main factor for her commitment with them.

Stanley Lam, 38, a finance specialist said donating a pair of new shoes to one of the boys at the home was a fulfilling task for him.

“Each child has had a particular wish for a year but could not fulfil it because they could not afford it. Being able to grant them that wish is really special,” the father of two added.

Helping out the ROLF team were students from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Inti International University and HELP University who are part of ROLF’s Orange ribbon campaign.

The Orange ribbon campaign is an awareness project for youth social responsibility.

Some of the students performed for the children and even got guests and donors to join in a dance session for popular K-Pop song, Oppa Gangnam Style.

988 cruisers were also there to spread some cheer during the event.

ROLF founder Lim said she was very happy that all the donors for the Ti-Ratana home turned up for the event that day.

She added that the students from the Orange Ribbon campaign were also very helpful and she was amazed at the hardwork each displayed.

Lim said she hoped that the donors would be spurred to continue contributing to the needy.

“I hope the donors will not stop granting wishes and even do it on their own. We hope to cultivate the habit of giving. All they have to do is call up the centres and ask them what they need,” she said.

Lim was also happy to announce that they launched ROLF India in May this year and 85 children would benefit from the campaign.

The donations were also collected at the function in Ti-Ratana and will be shipped off to Dehradun.

The Star is the official media partner for ROLF 4th Gold Ribbon Campaign. To Grant a Wish, log on to www.rolfcommunity.org.


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