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Friday November 16, 2012

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> Put them on Facebook

The police should have photos of crime suspects on Facebook. All stations must cooperate with the public. – s.t.raj

> Teach cleanliness

Bring back the ‘Hygiene’ subject in schools. Such basic knowledge can help to prevent health problems for our youths. – Smloh

> Experience it to believe it

Go to the ground. Administrators in charge of vital functions such as road conditions, rubbish collection & lamppost functionality must be on the ground to experience first.       

> Enviromental guardian

Thank u, Gurdial Singh (a true Pg’ite!) 4 being our ‘eyes n ears’ n helping 2 save d precious Gaharu trees from total destruction. – Im

> Stop the music

Inconsiderate ppl blaring music loudly from night till morn. Ppl need to sleep! Pls think about others. Sleep deprived.

> Hunt down smoke emitters

JPJ, pls worry abt black smoke emission from vehicles n encourage ebike. Care for clean air. – VVelu

> Allow CPGA for nursing courses

Private nursing college should give CGPA so it won’t affect the students’ chance to get goverment nursing jobs since it’s required by ministry.

> Know emergency route

So tragic! 4 lives lost in Taiping house fire cos metal grilles upstairs were locked. Always make sure u know how to open it in emergency escape. – LeeHuiSeng

> Keep it in the car

People sighted throwing tissue paper out of car window onto roads becoming common occurrence. A lack of civic consciousness or just tidak apa attitude.

> Traffic woes

I hope d relevant authorities will find ways 2 solve d unnecessary traffic jam in Kota Baru. D jam is due 2 poor management.

> LRT works

Neat job on LRT along Persiaran Kewajipan in USJ. But can contractor pls patch up potholes quickly!


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