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Thursday November 15, 2012

Kg Kacang Putih — popular destination for Deepavali snacks

Popular treat: A
worker carrying a
basket of murukku
at Kampung Kacang
Putih in Ipoh. Popular treat: A worker carrying a basket of murukku at Kampung Kacang Putih in Ipoh.

IPOH: Mention kacang putih (chickpeas) and it will evoke images of a snack food that is enjoyed by Malaysians of all races.

Incidentally, kacang putih is also the name of a village here which is popular among visitors.

Kampung Kacang Putih is well known among locals and outsiders for production of the traditional food for the past 30 years.

Besides chickpeas, other popular Indian snacks are also produced and sold at the village including murukku, pakoda, omom and kadalai as well as cassava and banana chips.

A check at the village found crowds, especially Indians, there to buy murukku, chickpeas and other snacks.

There are more than 15 commercial entrepreneurs in the village who supply chickpeas, murukku and other snacks to buyers from around the country.

Entrepreneur C. Ratnasami, 65, said his murukku and chickpeas were in high demand including from the Malays and other communities.

“The Indians usually buy janggree, pal kuah, bunthee, laddu, alvaa, mysore pal and celebee while the Malays and others request for mixed nuts, chickpeas, omom and murukku,” he said.

Another entrepreneur, R. Ponuttu­ran, 43, who has been in the business for 25 years, said his snacks were produced at home.

“We usually churn out about 300kg a day. During the festive season, we will increase production because there is more demand,” he said.

S. Gopinath, 21, said 70% of the snacks he produced used original recipes and were made at his house.

“The murukku flour, known as adrisum, is our own recipe and has received overwhelming response especially from the Indian community,” said Gopinath, who inherited the business from his father. — Bernama


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