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Wednesday October 10, 2012

Ipoh “gangnam style” highlights city’s food and tourist sights

parody: A
of the
video —
Oppa Ipoh
Style. Special parody: A screenshot of the YouTube video — Oppa Ipoh Style.

IT was only a matter of time before the Ipoh-mali folks join the “Gangnam Style” parody for some instant fame in YouTube and zoom in the spotlight on the city.

While the previous hit parodies done in Kota Kinabalu and Klang drew attention with the boys rapping in Hakka and Hokkien respectively, the “Oppa Ipoh Style” boys sang in Cantonese, the dialect favoured by the Chinese in Ipoh.

The Ipoh production prominently showcased the culinary delights and famous tourist sights.

The group calling itself the Ipoh Lang Production sang about beansprout chicken rice, charcoal baked biscuits and even pomeloes.

“Hurry up and come on. Everything we have is good like porridge, noodles, rice, herbal tea and dim sum.

“The food is so cheap in Ipoh that it will shock you,” the group happily sung as they galloped in the trademark horse-riding dance which made Gangnam Style famous.

The video also highlighted the laid-back culture of the town as well as tourist spots such as the Sam Poh Tong and Perak Tong.

The video that was uploaded on YouTube on Oct 3, has garnered close to 225,000 views.


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