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Friday August 5, 2011

Give two months bonus for Raya, say Cuepacs

KUALA LUMPUR: Civil servants deserve to be given two months bonus for this Hari Raya said Cuepacs president Datuk Omar Osman.

He said that a two-month bonus would mean a lot to civil servants, especially those in the lower income group in view of the rising cost of living.

He said the first bonus payment should be before Raya while the second should be after the celebration.

“Special assistance has been given instead of bonuses since 2008.

“Back then, the economy was slow but things have improved and the Government should give us more,” he said, noting that RM500 was given for Hari Raya the past three years.

On the proposed new pension scheme or Skim Pencen Bercarum, Omar said that Cuepacs remains opposed to it.

“We will not accept the scheme which is expected to be carried out next year unless it provides more benefits compared with the existing pension plan.

“More details will be needed so that it will not be unjust for the new civil servants,” he explained.


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