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Sunday June 19, 2011

Our sauces don’t contain pig DNA, say companies

PETALING JAYA: HJ Heinz and McIlhenny Company, the brand owners of HP Sauce and Tabasco pepper sauce respectively, have denied claims that the products were not halal-certified.

The companies said HP Sauce and Tabasco were in full compliance with regulatory guidelines by halal-certification bodies.

“HP Sauce is certified halal by Halal Audit Company, an Islamic certification authority in the Netherlands where the factory is located.

“Heinz, which is the manufacturer of HP Sauce, has done tests for traces of pig DNA and has submitted the results to the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and no trace of pig DNA was found,'' the companies said in a statement.

Mcllhenny said Tabasco was certified halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, an Islamic authority in the United States.

The company said Tabasco sauce used only natural ingredients and did not contain any animal by-product.


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