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Thursday May 5, 2011

I do not know woman in sex video, says Eskay

KUALA LUMPUR: Businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah denies knowing the woman having sex with a man resembling Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Eskay said he would leave that to the police.

“I did not provide the woman. I don’t wish to divulge everything as this case in still under investigation,” said Eskay after having his statement recorded by Sentul police yesterday in connection with his “swearing on the Quran” at a mosque last Friday.

Eskay swore that the man in the sex video was Anwar.

Eskay, accompanied by several men, arrived at the Kepong police station at 10.30am and was questioned for about three hours.

Asked whether the video was recorded in a foreign country, he said the recorder as well as the video tape were Malaysian-made.

Eskay also claimed that the original clip was not filmed in Thailand, a claim some quarters made.

He acknowledged that there were Thai subtitles emblazoned across the bottom of the screen in the leaked version.

“I never made that video with the Thai writing, but I can confirm that the original video was made in Malaysia,” he said, adding that there was only a time stamp on the original video.

The emergence of the 22-minute video featuring a man resembling the Opposition Leader having sex with a woman caused a stir and was even discussed in Parliament.

The video, which was time-stamped Feb 21, was screened to journalists on March 21 by “Datuk T”. Three men subsequently came forward to identify themselves as “Datuk T”.

The trio are former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik, Eskay and former Perkasa treasurer Datuk Shuib Lazim.


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