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Published: Tuesday April 19, 2011 MYT 2:25:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday April 19, 2011 MYT 9:46:37 PM

Official email account for each Malaysian adult

Initiative is to allow direct and secure communication between the public and the Government

PUTRAJAYA: All Malaysians who are 18 years old and above will be assigned an email account each in order to receive statements, bills and notices from the Government.

The initiative would allow direct and secure communication between the public and the Government, said Tricubes Bhd chief executive officer Khairun Zainal Mokhtar.

Tricubes Bhd is the company developing the 1Malaysia Email project in collaboration with Microsoft.

Khairun said Tricubes Bhd would also spearhead the development of a web portal which would include social networking services, online bill checking and payments.

"Currently, the company is still running stress test for the portal.

"Hopefully, we can get it ready by July this year," he told a press conference at the fifth progress update of the Economic Transformation Programme in here, Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), responding to queries on the project, said the 1Malaysia Email address would not be made compulsory.

"1Msia Email is a private sector-led initiative by Tricubes, with investment from the company and not the Government," a Pemandu source tweeted.


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