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Wednesday February 23, 2011

Saying congratulations won’t be enough

AZIZULHASNI Awang is a world class sportsman, showing guts, determination, spirit, strength, courage and bravery.

After crashing and injuring himself – his left calf was pierced by a 9-inch-long wooden splinter – he still managed to get up and finish the race in third place to retain his overall World Cup keirin title in Manchester, England, on Sunday.

To say, “Congratulations Azizul!” is just not enough, he should be honoured and given a big monetary reward by the country. That will keep him motivated to achieve much more, and will spur other Malaysian sportsmen and sportswomen to emulate him.

Azizul, only 23 years old, has shown a maturity beyond his years. Let’s have more sportsmen and sportswomen like him.

Shah Alam.


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