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Wednesday December 7, 2011

Aerobatics team Krisakti gets its wings

LANGKAWI: The country’s first professional aerobatics team, Krisakti (1Malaysia Aerial Display Team), has officially received its “wings” from Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Aerotree Defence and Services group managing director Datuk Halim Othman, who presented Najib with a bright crimson pilot scarf with the Prime Minister’s name on it, promised to make the country proud with Krisakti.

Krisakti was named after the keris which represents power, strength and energy.

He said unlike the famed Red Arrows, Britain’s Royal Air Force air display squadron that does its stunts in jet planes, Krisakti’s choice of craft was the propeller plane.

Maiden show: The Krisakti pilots showing off their aerobatic skills at the LIMA air show yesterday.

“You can perform more dangerous stunts with the propeller plane and fly in narrower spaces.

“To be as good as the Red Arrows is a challenge for us but we have some of the country’s best pilots on board and we will do our best to make the nation proud,” he told reporters after Najib pinned the wings on the six Krisakti pilots.

The premier also inspected the aircraft on the tarmac after the ceremony.

Halim said the team trained for two months for their inaugural performance at the Langkawi Inter­national Maritime and Aero­space Exhibition (LIMA) 2011 yesterday.

“We currently have four (Extra 300L) planes and are looking to get two more.

“We will be performing in every state before taking our act to the region in February,” he said, adding that Krisakti hoped to perform internationally one day.

“We are also different from the Red Arrows in that Krisakti welcomes civilians with the interest and talent to fly – we are willing to train you,” he said.

The aerobatics team, comprising pilots with a minimum of 15 years of flying experience, is a joint venture between Aerotree Defence and Services and the Defence Ministry.


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