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Wednesday December 28, 2011

Taiwan offers skills training programme

KUALA LUMPUR: Students can now get skills training in Taiwan as the Second Malaysia-Taiwan Skills Programme is open for regis­tration.

MCA Vocational Education Development Committee chairman Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn said the programme was the outcome of extensive discussions between MCA and the Taiwanese Education Ministry.

“In tandem with the country’s Economic Transfor­ma­ti­on Prog­ramme, Malaysia needs a huge pool of trained skilled workers. That is also why the Malaysian Government and MCA have been promoting vocational education all this while,” Dr Fong said, adding the courses would focus on hands-on training, with a small theoretical component.

He said the programme offered two years of full-time study in Taiwan for eight courses, with all tuition fees waived.

Students who attended Form Five or Senior Middle Two in high school and are under 40 years old are eligible.

The first Malaysia-Taiwan Skills Programme, launched in August, saw 160 applicants getting full tuition fee waivers up to RM20,000.

Dr Fong said in developed countries, 60% of tertiary students chose vocational education, but in Malaysia, only 10% pursued this path.

This, he said, could be due to the misconceptions that only an academic pathway led to a brighter future.

“The fact is that employers are usually looking for experienced and skilled workers, and those with vocational education background could enjoy higher opportunities of being employed,” Dr Fong added.

For enquiries, call 03-2166 8211 or 03-2161 8044.


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