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Friday December 23, 2011

Do your part for the environs, people

KUALA LUMPUR: The people have been urged to do their part for the environment and not just leave it to the authorities.

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said protection of the environment depended on initiatives by the Government and private bodies.

“Everybody must be committed and have a greater awareness of their responsibility in protecting the environment,” said the MCA president after launching the GoGreen Winter Solstice Celebration 2011.

“It is the individual's action that matters most. For example, if you buy a loaf of bread, (you will find that) it is already inside plastic. Some still want another bag to put the bread inside, which is unnecessary.

Dr Chua said the “traditional teaching” of “reduce, reuse and recycle” is still relevant.

“Another example is household waste which, until today, we do not take efforts to separate. We just dump everything into the dustbin.

“Kitchen waste can be dangerous because it releases methane gas. But if methane is properly treated, it can produce energy. Kitchen waste can also be recycled as fertiliser. But we are not doing it,” said Dr Chua, a former health minister.

The GoGreen Winter Solstice Celebration was organised by the Malaysia Youth 4 EcoGreen Coalition (MY4Eco).

MY4Eco founder Lim Teck Hoe said festive occasions, like the Winter Solstice celebration, was one of the best avenues to promote environmental awareness.

“For example, for the Winter Solstice celebration, we could play our role by not wasting food.”

Besides a tang yuan (glutinous rice ball dessert) making session, the event also featured a catwalk with models wearing clothing made out of organic material.

There were performances by Malaysian Idol winner Daniel Lee and Jeffry “Beatboxer Tuxy” Goh.


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