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Sunday December 18, 2011

Proprimas plans to build 1,000 houses

KOTA BARU: Proprimas Holdings Sdn Bhd (Proprimas), which manages the “Program Perumahan Ihsan Malaysia” (Malaysia Compassionate Housing Programme) proposes to build 1,000 units of houses in the country next year to cater to the population in the low-income bracket.

Its chief executive officer Datuk Dr Baha Nordin said the programme, would use the prefabricated concept allowing government employees and pensioners, particularly ex- ser­vicemen to own homes.

More than 1,000 potential house-owners were at the briefing, which was also attended by Construction Industry Development Board contractors development manager Saini Saidi and Malaysian Ex-Servicemen’s Association president Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani.

Dr Baha said Proprimas had identified 120 contractors and that the construction would take between one month and two months, depending on the financial application process. — Bernama


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