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Monday June 14, 2010

Net massage course to boost men’s libido

A FEMALE sex guru from Singapore will conduct a four-week course on the Internet on massage techniques to rejuvenate the male sexual organ, reported Sin Chew Daily.

It quoted guru Lee Hui Zhen as saying that the programme, conducted in English, would show ways of massaging the penis to enhance sexual pleasure and curb premature ejaculation.

She said she would jointly conduct the programme, which would start on July 5, with her Australian partner DJ.

Lee said each participant must do “homework” like massaging the penis after watching video clips specially recorded for the lessons.

A forum would then be held for participants to discuss matters pertaining to sex.

The daily also quoted Lee as saying that there would, however, be no live demonstration but that recordings of the massage process from sexology colleges in the United States would be uploaded.

Lee added that each participant would be given an hour to file questions pertaining to sexual matters after the completion of the course.

She advised participants to practise penis massaging for at least 30 minutes daily for “promising results”.

The daily also reported MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as saying that MCA could become a “political dinosaur” if members remained divided and refused to close ranks.

Dr Chua was quoted as saying he had practised “tolerance” by accommodating voices from all factions in the party when giving out government posts during the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

“I dare not say whether the party has stabilised at the moment. Only time will tell. But I can say it is more stable than before,” he said.

> China Press also quoted Dr Chua as saying that the party would start looking for suitable candidates for the next general election without waiting until the last minute.

He added that party candidates should be given ample time to get themselves ready for the election.

“We will identify a few potential candidates in each constituency where MCA will be contesting,” he said.

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