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Saturday April 24, 2010

DAP: Sarawak Pakatan formed to promote two-party system

SIBU: The formation of Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat is not a “marriage of convenience,” said Sarawak DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng.

He said DAP, PKR, PAS and SNAP did not decide to come together to form the alliance on April 18 for the sake of winning the Sibu by-election

Wong, who is a potential candidate for the by-election, emphasised that Sarawak Pakatan’s aim was to promote a two-party system of government.

“There are certain people who are against the formation of Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat because they are scared of us. The formation of Sara­wak Pakatan is to make a two-party system vibrant,” he said.

Asked who will lead Pakatan in Sarawak, the Bukit Assek assemblyman said no one had been appointed chairman and the coalition would be jointly led by leaders of its parties.

“Everybody is equal in this formation. We have equal partnership and everybody is equally responsible for any task,” Wong added.

He said with Pakatan, DAP could count on the support and cooperation of opposition parties in Sarawak during the by-election.

When asked if the recent resignation of PKR leaders and members in the peninsula would have repercussions on the opposition in Sarawak, Wong said it was a PKR internal matter and a “good cleansing exercise for the party”.

Meanwhile, SNAP vice-president Johnny Wong said the party was recruiting members in anticipation of the by-election.

He said SNAP — one of the oldest par­ties in Sarawak and a former Bari­san member — was joining Pakatan as it felt it could contribute much through the alliance.


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