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Friday April 2, 2010

Unity cable set for service

PETALING JAYA: The Trans-Pacific Unity submarine cable system, in which Malaysia’s Global Transit Ltd is a consortium member, is now ready for service as it has undergone a complete end-to-end testing.

The 9,620km submarine cable system links Japan and the west coast of the United States. It provides the much needed capacity to sustain the increased growth in data and Internet traffic between Asia and the United States.

The connectivity is between Chikura on the coast near Tokyo and the west coast network point-of-presence in Los Angeles, Palo Alto and San Jose.

“Following months of testing to ensure that it meets the rigorous transmission standards specified, the Unity system is now ready to deliver the much anticipated capacity to meet the Trans-Pacific connectivity needs of members of the consortium,” said Chris Wilson, chairman of the Unity executive committee, in a statement.

Consortium members include India’s Bharti Airtel, Global Transit, Google, Japan’s KDDI, Pacnet (with headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore) and Singapore Telecommunications.

NEC Corp and TE SubCom (formerly Tyco Telecommunications) are the main suppliers for the Unity project.

Global Transit is a telco group that is involved in providing wholesale and enterprise services. Its investments include TIME dotCom Bhd. Global Transit was founded in 2005 by a small group of technology entrepreneurs.


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