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Monday December 13, 2010

Social networking websites cause divorces

POPULAR social networking website Facebook has been blamed for at least 20% of divorces in the United States.

Also blamed for causing marriage break ups are Myspace and Twitter, said China Press, which reported that divorce lawyers had used the websites to search for spouses’ infidelity.

On the local front, family counsellors also received complaints of break ups due to social networking websites.

Counsellors interviewed by the daily said most cases happened to couples who are under 30 years old.

> The death of 22-year-old Alviss Kong, who fell from the 14th floor of a Cheras apartment after breaking up with a girl, continued to receive wide coverage in the Chinese media.

He had left a 45-minute countdown message on his Facebook page telling friends of his intention to take his life in the wee hours on Dec 9.

China Press quoted Kong’s father as advising people against following his son’s footstep.

“What my son did was wrong. Please do not follow his ways. Cherish your life,” the daily quoted the senior Kong as saying.

The daily also reported that Kong’s girlfriend turned up during his wake.

She was accompanied by friends and did not speak to Kong’s family.

His father said the family did not blame the girl for what happened to his son.

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