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Published: Friday January 22, 2010 MYT 10:58:00 AM
Updated: Friday January 22, 2010 MYT 11:28:56 AM

Malaysia to get electric train sets by March

CHANGWON (South Korea): KTMB expects the final three electric train sets (ETS) to reach Malaysian shores by late March.

The ETS costing RM48mil each will be transferred by Malaysian multi-transport operator Subali Pack Sdn Bhd from the Hyundai-Rotem factory here in South Korea.

KTMB electric train services chief operating officer Azizullah Kinayatullah said delivery of the ETS will be followed by two months of static and dynamic tests to prepare it for commercial use.

“If everything goes well, the sea journey should take about two weeks,” he added.

He stressed that time was critical to get the trains ready for operations in June.

“We are doing everything possible to have all the tests and commissioning completed as soon as possible for commercial run.

In doing so, we will not compromise on any safety concern,” the former KTMB legal adviser said.

Azizullah explained that static involved ensuring all on board electronics and other systems worked well while dynamic tests ensured for braking, acceleration and deceleration effectiveness.

He added that the ETS will be transported via Masan Port located 7km from the factory to Port Klang.

Upon reaching Port Klang the trains will be brought to Batu Gajah in Perak for tests.

Hyundai-Rotem (formerly Rotem) is the manufacturer of the ETS and was also involved in making trains for use in the US, Ireland, and Turkey.

KTMB had taken delivery of the first ETS on Dec 9 and the second on Jan 16.

One set would be completely tested by Feb 20 while the second test would likely be done by early March, Azizullah said.


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