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Tuesday May 26, 2009

One abortion for every five pregnancies, says survey

THERE is one abortion for every five pregnancies in the country, according to a random survey by several private clinics.

Sin Chew Daily quoted the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia chairman Dr Choong Sim Poey as saying that although the abortion rate in Malaysia was not higher than that in the Western countries, it was on par with the figure in developing countries.

“The highest number of abortions among Asean countries is in Vietnam, where there is one abortion for every three pregnancies.

“This is because their awareness on contraception is not very high,” he said.

Dr Choong said he was disappointed that abortion was not available to women in public hospitals.

“This will cause many women to delay undergoing abortion and encourage the proliferation of such services in the black market.

“Due to this reason, many private hospitals are charging exorbitant fees to perform abortions.

“Some private hospitals are charging RM2,000 to RM3,000 while some are asking for RM200 to RM300,” he said, adding that according to statistics by the police, there were at least 100 abandoned babies a year.


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