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Saturday November 28, 2009

Complicated e-kasih forms

NUSAJAYA: Forms used in the e-kasih programme are too complicated, making it difficult for the poor to enrol.

Munusamy Mareemuthu (BN —Permas) raised this issue during the debate session at the State Assembly meeting here on Tuesday.

He said that the 25-page application form was too detailed and com­­pli­­­­cated the process for those in need.

“Even though applicants can fill the form online, its contents are complicated,” he said.

It should be simplified to two pages, he said.

Munusamy also said that welfare payments should be increased and given at an earlier date.

“It should be given at the beginning of the month,” he added.

The yearly re-evaluation should also be speeded up, he said.

“The State Welfare Department needs to shorten the time. Many have complained that the re-evaluation takes almost three months sometimes.

“During this time, the needy do not get any welfare allowance,” he said, adding that many needed the allowance to pay rents, and water and electricity bills.

In addition to the monetary aid, more programmes should be developed to make the poor self-sufficient, Munusamy added.

Meanwhile, Johor Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Committee chairman Abd Aziz Kaprawi acknow­ledged a problem involving the quality of local produce and said the state had taken measures to solve it.

“We are using latest technology to upgrade the packaging and quality of local food products,” he said, adding that the tendency towards foreign food products could be due to aggressive marketing and advertising by food companies.

He was replying to a question by Datuk Abdul Hamid Abd Rahman (BN - Machap) on what the state was doing to improve the quality of local produce.


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