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Sunday January 18, 2009

The positive side of co-curricular activities

AS an active former student of a public school, I am concerned over the adverse comments in Star Education over the Education Ministry’s ruling requiring students to join at least three types of activities.

The uniformed units, societies and games are the three sections under the co-curricular unit.

A member involved in all three activities has to attend 15 meetings per year. Even then, not all the students make the effort to attend these meetings.

Tuition, music lessons, homework and transport problems are always used as excuses for not attending these meetings. There is only one solution to their “woes” and that is to have effective time management.

I know of students who have taken part in more than three co-curricular activities and have yet been able to complete their assignments on time. Besides, co-curricular activities are actually a platform for youths to express themselves and hone their skills.

Being part of a club’s organising committee gives students an insight into how to communicate, coordinate activities and solve problems.

They will not find it a chore to attend meetings, and might even look forward to it themselves, if they are interested and passionate about the clubs that they have chosen to join.

Students should not think of co-curricular activities as a burden but should instead participate and regard them as another form of education.

Ipoh, Perak


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