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Sunday August 31, 2008

Korean govt awards scholarships to Malaysian students

_THE Government of the Republic of Korea recently awarded scholarships totalling RM8mil to 41 Malaysians to pursue graduate studies in Korea.

The ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Yang Bong Ryull, presented the awards to the recipients at a ceremony at the Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Yang (in jacket) with some of the scholarship recipients.

“The Korean government is willing to invest in scholarships and exchange programmes as we highly value our relations with Malaysia,” said Yang.

In total, 33 scholarships were awarded for master’s programmes, four for doctoral degrees and four for research programmes.

The scholarship for the master’s degree is worth RM197,000 per student for a duration of three years, while the scholarship for the doctoral programme is worth RM270,000 for four years.

The scholarships for the research programmes, which range from six months to a year, are worth RM23,500 and RM47,000, respectively.

Scholarship recipients will receive round-trip airfare, a monthly allowance of about RM3,000, tuition fees, a research allowance, dissertation printing cost as well as medical insurance.

Upon completion of the language course, they will apply for courses of their choice from universities such as Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Korea University, among others.


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