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Saturday May 31, 2008

NS trainees still warded for observation

SETIU: Four national service trainees from the Barracuda Camp here who are suffering from stomach ache are still warded in the hospital.

The four are among 76 from the camp affected, believed to be due to food poisoning.

They – three females and a male – are in the hospital for further observation and may be discharged by today.

The first nine fell ill on May 23 while 67 others developed the same symptoms on Wednesday.

Fourteen of the later group were warded on Thursday.

Four food handlers at the camp also received outpatient treatments at the same hospital.

The camp's spokesman said the trainees were referred to a medical team at the camp and was rushed to the hospital at 7am when their conditions worsened.

The trainees complained of nausea and begun vomiting early Thursday morning

It is learnt that the trainees developed stomach disorders after lunch on Wednesday. They were believed to have consumed stale chicken curry and rice.

Meanwhile, Peladang Setiu agro tourism and resort’s operation director Mohamad Saipuddin Abas said the Barracuda national service camp is not part of the resort.

“In newspaper reports on Friday, our resort was mentioned as part of the camp and this had affected our business,” he said when contacted.


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