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Friday May 23, 2008

Teachers and students scoff at ‘baseless’ statement

PETALING JAYA: Some teachers and students have hit out at National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia for saying that the uniform worn by girls at government schools is “sexy” and “a tool to lure men”.

One male teacher even suggested that instead of debating the sexiness of the uniform, more focus should be directed towards male self-control.

SMK Assunta Sixth Form student D. Presana was appalled by the group’s comment that the uniforms “encouraged rape and pre-marital sex”.

“Pre-marital sex has nothing to do with what girls wear to school. It is the couple’s mentality and the spiritual guidance they receive that influence their behaviour,” she said.

The association’s vice-president Munirah Bahari had called for a review of the uniform policy, saying that some girls used the “transparent” white blouse to lure men.

A teacher at a girls’ school in the Klang Valley said Munirah should not have made such baseless statements.

“She should carry out a study and see if our school uniform is indeed a factor that contributes to rape and pre-marital sex,” she said.

The teacher added that it was compulsory for female students at her school to wear a camisole under their baju kurung and only white and skin-coloured bras were allowed.

A Form Five male student of a school in Penang said the suggestion that female students “cover up” might not be a smart move, as it is hot and humid in Malaysia.

“It would make them feel even more uncomfortable studying in our hot weather. And I have not heard of any complaint from my female schoolmates that their uniform (with the pinafore on) is transparent,” he said.

A Malay teacher in Malacca, however, suggested that thicker material be used to make the white blouse.


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