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Monday March 3, 2008

The hard road to success

AS a carpenter’s son, Selayang Parliament candidate Lee Li Yew had to struggle like any other person in Rawang and has experienced his fair share of difficulties in life. 

His mother worked as a labourer and his elder brother and sister were forced to stop schooling to work and earn money for the family. 

“I had to walk 3 km to my school, SJK (Chinese) San Yuk in Rawang, because my parents could not afford to buy me a bicycle or send me by school bus. 

Doing his rounds: Lee (right) talking to a resident in Batu Arang.
“During my primary schooling days, I joined the cadet corps, football team and was active in various outdoor activities. 

“After completing my studies, I enrolled myself in Universiti Malaya, obtained my Masters in Mathematics and organised many programmes among my fellow students. Then, I went on to lecture in Universiti Malaya and TAR College,” said Lee, who replaced incumbent MP Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy.  

Being active in college, Lee was always looked upon as a role model. 

The mathematician then ventured into politics and was elected the Selayang MCA Youth chief in 1993. 

He was also the Selayang Municipal Council councillor for 12 years and at one time served as Datuk Tang See Hang’s special assistant.  

Younger days: Lee (standing second from right) with his teacher and schoolmates from SJK (Chinese) San Yuk.
“I want to highlight issues such as students skipping school, increase the standard of education, help the disabled, fight crime and improve the infrastructure, prevent floods and promote business throughout the constituency,” said Lee, a father of three.  

Lee is up against William Leong Jee Keen of PKR and Koh Swee Yong of PSM. 

William, 51, a father of three, said some of the residents have complained that the leaders do not come to visit them unless its election time.  

“I visited about 300 families from house to house in Selayang Jaya, Rawang, Kuang and Taman Daya recently . 

“Some of the issues raised are of safety, housing, traffic jams and parking problems. The development in Selayang Jaya market is causing parking problems,” said William. In 2004, Chan won by a 23,524 majority against PKR’s Koh Swe Yong. 

There are 79,557 voters in the Selayang parliamentary constituency of whom 35,636 are Malays, 30,423 Chinese, 12,915 Indians and 583 others.  


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