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Monday March 24, 2008

Ibrahim: More cons than pros to anti-crossover law

PASIR MAS: Pasir Mas MP Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali, often described as a party hopper, says there are more cons than pros to the proposal to enact an anti-party hopping legislation. 

It was against the basis of human rights, as even in Islam, divorces were allowed when both parties become incompatible, said Ibrahim, now an Independent MP. 

From a Kelantan government coalition of Berjasa in the 1980s, Ibrahim joined Umno, before enrolling in the now-defunct Semangat 46 and then returning to Umno. He is now linked with PAS. 

Ibrahim, who said this was an unfair description of his political career, however, said that he supported the spirit of the law as mentioned by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. 

But, he said there were just too many negatives in an anti-hopping law. 

For example, individual politicians may want to cross over, especially if they know that their original party is a “sinking ship”. 

And, if they are unfairly sacked by their own party, they should be allowed to join another political party on democratic grounds, he said.  

Ibrahim does not regard himself as a party hopper, especially now, since he was sacked from Umno for contesting as an independent in the 2004 general election. 

PAS regarded him as a strategic ally in the recent polls and allowed him to contest on the party's ticket. 

However, Ibrahim said he would support the legislation if it banned crossovers triggered by the lure of money or position.  


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