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Thursday June 14, 2007

Tiger caught in Kelantan sent to Malacca Zoo

MALACCA: A Malayan tiger, which was caught in Kelantan on Monday, has arrived at Malacca Zoo where it will be quarantined for three months. 

“We have since given him a bath and injected him with antibiotics. We have yet to name him,” zoo director Mohd Nawayai Yasak said. 

Temporary home: The tiger being kept in quarantine at Malacca Zoo.
The 80kg male tiger, believed to be about one-and-a-half years old, was caught in Kampung Sungai Rual in Jeli. 

Asked about the tiger’s fate after the quarantine, Nawayai said the zoo would consider giving him to a local or overseas zoo. 

“We do not intend to keep or display the tiger to the public yet,” he said, adding that the Malacca Zoo already had 23 Malayan tigers. 

He said only eight of the tigers were displayed to the public.  

He expects officials from Taman Negara to take the tiger’s measurements, such as paw size, to determine if it was involved in the attack on an elderly woman in Kelantan in November last year.  



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