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Monday May 14, 2007

Ex-students seek discussion over issues concerning Kuen Cheng High School


FORMER students of Kuen Cheng High School staged another peaceful demonstration on Tuesday when the school held its sixth board meeting.  

The 30-strong group from Kuen Cheng Alliance, all wearing red shirts, stood at the school gate for more than three hours in an attempt to sit in on the board meeting to discuss two issues plaguing the Chinese girls' school - the adoption of co-ed policy and its planned million-dollar facelift.  

Demonstration: Some of the members of Kuen Cheng Alliance in front of Kuen Cheng Girls’ School.
The group was disappointed that the new president of Kuen Cheng Alumni Association Jean Lee was not notified about the board meeting or permitted to attend.  

Instead, the board meetings continued to involve the alumni association's former representative Chow SowFong who had officially resigned from the post and consented to Lee taking over her duties last year.  

“We are disappointed with the way and attitude of the board chairman over this issue,” Lee said.  

“The alumni association representative is a board member. The association has the right to decide who should be its representative on the board. The board’s approval is not necessary and it has no right to reject any representative or retain its previous representative.  

“The board’s action has seriously violated the rights of the alumni as a member of the board,” she added.  

She lodged a police report later in the evening questioning the legibility of the board meeting as the alumni's representative was not allowed in. It is the second police report she has lodged on the same matter.  

The alumni also announced its intention to officially withdraw Chow from the vice president's post at a press conference two days later.  

Meanwhile, Kuen Cheng board chairman Tan Sri William Cheng asserted that there was no such position as alumni representative on the board and that all board members were elected.  

He said Chow was elected as a board member as an individual candidate, not as the alumni association's representative.  

She had accepted the board's request to continue as a board member. 


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