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Saturday April 28, 2007

Filmmaker jailed for insulting policeman

KUALA LUMPUR: A day’s jail and a RM100 fine – that is what a film director got for swearing and showing her middle finger at a traffic policeman.  

Grace Koh Kher Sze was stuck in an evening jam on April 23 when she wound down her car window and shouted a four-letter word as well as stuck her middle finger out at a policeman manning the Jalan Hang Tuah-Jalan Imbi intersection. 

The policeman, who saw what the 28-year-old did, and together with his partner, went after her and arrested her. 

At a magistrate's court here yesterday, Koh pleaded guilty to insulting behaviour. 

In mitigation, Koh told the court that she was sorry and that she had regretted the act. She also promised that she would never repeat it. 

Prosecuting officer C/Insp R. Rukumar asked that she be fined and jailed for the offence, saying she had insulted a government official. 

He said something bad could have happened had the traffic policeman concerned lost his patience. 

When asked by Magistrate Aizatul Akmal Maharani what he meant by that, C/Insp Rukumar said the traffic policeman could have lost his cool and took out his firearm. 

Fortunately, he did not do that and only arrested the accused. 

After sentencing Koh, Aizatul Akmal reminded her not to repeat the act. 

“Even I have to show respect to policemen,” he said. 

Koh was accompanied by a male companion while she served her one-day sentence in court.  


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