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Sunday February 11, 2007

HK-born Angel considers Malaysia her home now

KUALA LUMPUR: Ten years ago, Angel Wong Chui-Ling was a struggling artiste in the ultra-competitive Hong Kong entertainment industry. 

Then, she got a call to come to Malaysia for a job. She fell in love with the country and has stayed on ever since. 

Angel: ‘All these years of working here in Malaysia has definitely given me more experience and raised my profile considerably’
Today, the popular Hong Kong-born TV presenter and radio DJ considers Malaysia her first home. She only goes back to Hong Kong for work or to visit her family. 

“These days when I go back to Hong Kong, I feel like a stranger there. Malaysia is my home now. My car, my house, my friends are all here. 

“Every time I go back there, I will get bored by the fifth day, and begin to wish I was back in Malaysia,” said Angel during an interview before the MGM International Red Bash Phenomenon ‘07 Gala Dinner at the Shangri-la Hotel here on Friday. 

Angel was unveiled as MGM’s very first Shining Star Celebrity Brand Ambassador at the gala bash held to commend the company's top achievers. 

She is best known for hosting TV shows such as Astro Wah Lai Toi’s I’m a Movie Buff and ntv7’s Living In Malaysia the Easy Way. She recently completed filming in Japan for a program called Travelogue, which will be aired in Hong Kong. 

According to Angel, working and living in Malaysia opened her to experiences she may not have had in Hong Kong, and gave her more opportunities to develop herself. 

“I do not know if I would have been just as successful as I am now if I stayed on in Hong Kong.  

“But one thing is for sure. All these years of working here in Malaysia has definitely given me more experience and raised my profile considerably,” she said.


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