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Saturday August 26, 2006

LRT services disrupted by flooding at new station


PETALING JAYA: Putra LRT services were disrupted yesterday due to flooding of the tracks at the newly constructed Seri Rampai station, following a heavy downpour. 

Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integirasi Deras Sdn Bhd corporate communications senior manager Katherine Chew said the station had not been commissioned yet so the trains did not need to stop there.  

But they had to pass the station. 

STRANDED: Office workers waiting for the trains to arrive at Masjid Jamek, after the LRT train services were disrupted by flash floods in Kuala Lumpur following heavy rains Friday.
She said due to the flash floods trains travelling from Kelana Jaya to Setia Wangsa turned around and headed back to Kelana Jaya.  

Trains travelling between the Terminal Putra and Wangsa Maju stations were also affected. 

Those wanting to continue their journey past the Seri Rampai station had to make the journey on buses provided by the company.  

“The turn-around caused a lot of time to be wasted and this caused a delay in the train schedules,” she said, adding that the problem was made worse by the fact that the incident occurred during peak hour when office workers were returning home. 

She said the situation was made worse when one of the trains stalled near the Masjid Jamek LRT station due to the floods.  

Normal service resumed at 8.30pm. 


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