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Saturday July 8, 2006

Be a man, Ina tells Mawi

KUALA LUMPUR: “Be a man, meet me face-to-face and tell me that our engagement is over.” 

Noordiana Mohd Naim threw this challenge to fiancé Mawi after the pop sensation reportedly said they were not fated to be together. 

“Don’t just tell the media our relationship is finished when you don’t even dare to face me,” said 22-year-old Noordiana, better known as Ina.  

Upset by a report quoting Mawi, whose real name is Asmawi Ani, as saying in Johor Baru that their relationship was over, Ina retorted: “Why is he afraid to meet me? Is there something he is hiding? I see no reason why he cannot meet me.” 

Mawi, who shot to fame in reality talent show Akademi Fantasia 3, had indicated that he would not meet Ina personally to talk about their relationship as he was still grieving for his father, Ani Ahmad, who passed away last week.  

He had said his eldest sister Shaida would meet Ina's family within 10 days.  

In the report, Mawi, 25, claimed that Ina had pestered him to marry her. 

He said Ina called him several times when his father was in hospital, insisting on setting a wedding date. Mawi added that she had given him an ultimatum to set the date or she would walk out of the relationship.  

While Mawi might have publicly announced he no longer had feelings for his former sweetheart, Ina still insisted on seeing him for the last time. 

In an interview last week, Ina had promised to tell more about her strained relationship leading to the break-up with Mawi. 

However, Ina had said she would not be telling the story then out of respect for Mawi’s father, who died of a lung infection at the National Heart Institute on Saturday.  


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