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Wednesday June 21, 2006

Hardness is what counts for couples

KUALA LUMPUR: Ask any couple if the hardness of a male erection matters when it comes to sexual satisfaction and the answer you will get is very likely to be “yes”. 

This was the most common response globally from the Pfizer Global Better Sex Survey (GBSs).  

The survey was conducted through interviews with 12,563 men and women in 27 countries. 

The data collection in Malaysia was done via phone interviews from Dec 12 to Jan 4, with respondents aged between 25 and 74.  

Revealing the key findings here yesterday, Pfizer Malaysia medical advisor Dr Vicknesh Welluppillai said Malaysian men and women regarded getting and maintaining a hard erection as critical to a good and satisfying love life. 

Consultant urologist Dr Peter Ng Eng Pin said there were four types of erection hardness.  

“Grade 1 is when the penis is larger but not hard, Grade 2 when the penis is hard but not hard enough for penetration, Grade 3 is when the penis is hard enough for penetration but not completely hard and Grade 4 is when the penis is fully rigid.” – Bernama  


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