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Monday March 13, 2006

Andaman quakes put Perlis fire department on alert

KANGAR: Recent occurrences of earthquakes in the Andaman Sea have put the state Fire and Rescue Department on extra alert. 

Kangar Station operations officer Zaharul Amin Ahmad said they received instructions from the department’s state director Pauzan Ahmad to ensure that firemen were on standby to handle any emergency. 

He said the Thai government had alerted those staying along the coast to be on the alert after detecting some changes in the sea currents.  

“We need to be prepared and in this context we need to set up a tsunami operations centre,” he said, adding that the people in Perlis should not panic. 

Several earthquakes measuring between 4.0 and 5.3 on the Richter scale were reported on Andaman Island, India, in recent days. 

The epicentre is about 400km to 600km to the west of Ranong in southern Thailand. 

The Meteorological Department in Kuala Lumpur said it was monitoring the situation. 

“As for now, we have not received any information on the possibility of a tsunami. But the public must be alert at all times for any eventuality,” he said.  


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