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Monday July 18, 2005

Sky Kingdom structures torched

KUALA TERENGGANU: A mob of about 30 people went on a rampage, torching structures and smashing vehicles and house windows within Ayah Pin's Sky Kingdom commune in Jerteh at 5am today. 

The mob also set fire to Ayah Pin's Pajero and smashed four other vehicles parked inside the area. 

The sect leader Ariffin Mohamad, 65, better known as Ayah Pin, left the commune last night.  

According to witnesses members of the mob were armed with parangs, sticks and plastic bags believed to contain petrol.  

"They smashed our house windows but the people were not harmed.  

"They told us not to get involved and we didn't want to confront them," said a follower of Ayah Pin. 

Police have cordoned off the area, while the Federal Reserve Unit personnel arrived at the site at 9.30am to control some 100 protesters gathered there. 

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