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80 couples wed on doubly meaningful 20.05.2005

Saturday May 21, 2005

80 couples wed on doubly meaningful 20.05.2005

PETALING JAYA: Saying “I do” on 20.05.2005 made the date doubly meaningful for many couples. 

Among about 80 couples who registered their marriages at the Thean Hou Temple here yesterday were assistant manager Pua Kian Joo, 33 and agency unit manager Lim Wan Kim, 28. 

Lim said they had been planning for a wedding since a year ago but only found out about the special date from a friend.  

“It is easy to remember and it will be something unique about the two of us that we can tell our children and grandchildren in the future,” he said.  

The date also carried another meaning for used car dealer Tan Wui Keat, 30, and finance supervisor Kong Khoon Yin, 27, who decided to tie the knot after a three-year courtship.  

“I think it is an auspicious date because May 20 (wu er ling) also rhymes with I love you (wo ai ni) in Mandarin,” Kong said.  

Katherine Lee, the assistant registrar of marriages of Thean Hou Temple, said the temple registered four times the usual number of marriages. 

AUSPICIOUS BEGINNING: Some of the 80 couples, who registered their marriages at the Thean Hou Temple, posing for a group picture in Petaling Jaya Friday.
“On average, we have some 20 couples registering their marriages. Yesterday, there were over 80 couples,” she said. 

Lee said 05.05.2005 had been another popular date for couples to tie the knot, with over 100 couples registering. 

She said, however, that marriages were “seasonal.”  

However, Chinese astrology does not consider 20.05.2005 a good day for marriage. 

Feng Shui master Hor Yen Sing, 71, said that yesterday was April 13 in the lunar calendar when the gate of hell opened. 

“But if the couples register their marriages on Friday and have their wedding banquet and the traditional tea ceremony on another date, that's fine,” said Hor, who hails from Hong Kong and has been a Feng Shui adviser here for over 50 years. 

Hor said the best date for marriage this year would be during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Aug 15 on the lunar calendar or Sept 18, as it was an auspicious date and forecast prosperity.  


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