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Thursday November 17, 2005

Pahang BN rep ticked off over question

KUANTAN: A backbencher who wanted to know if the state government has a policy to help opposition-held constituencies received a ticking off instead. 

Seemingly irritated by the question posed by Dr Nasharuddin Zainuddin (BN – Tanjung Lumpur), deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Tan Aminuddin Ishak said there was no such plan, but added: “If you want to help the opposition, you can do so.” 

Dr Nasharuddin had asked about the matter in a supplementary question at the Pahang State Assembly sitting here yesterday. 

Unhappy with the reply, Leong Ngah Ngah (DAP – Triang), who had earlier stood up to ask if there was a plan to upgrade the road from Kemayan to Temerloh town, took to the floor again to say the state government’s attitude was wrong. 

To this, Tan Aminuddin said the state government had no plan to help the opposition but it would help the people of Pahang in general. 

To Leong’s question, he said a feasibility study had been completed and the state government had included the Kemayan-Temerloh road project under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. 

State Human Resources and Consumer Affairs committee chairman Datuk Fong Koong Fuee said state labour department records showed that 748 workers had their services terminated between Jan 1, 2004 and Sept 20 this year.  

Most were from the manufacturing sector. 

“Efforts are being made by the department to help them, which includes seeking benefits or any compensation that they are entitled to.  

“There are also efforts to re-train them at skills training institutes recognised by the Government,” Fong said.  


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