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Monday October 10, 2005

Olga floors' them all

GOLDEN GIRL: Russia's Olga Kapranova performs during the individual all-round final competition during the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan on Saturday. – APpic
BAKU (Azerbaijan): Russia’s Olga Kapranova captured the individual all-around title at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, winning her fourth individual title as Russia swept all gold medals in the competition. 

Kapranova scored a total of 66.350 points in four exercises – the rope, the ball, the clubs and the ribbon. 

Ukraine’s Anna Bessonova was second with 65.700, followed by Olympic silver medallist Irina Chachina of Russia with 65.425. 

“Today it was a fair competition as it should be in sports,” Russia coach Irina Vinner said. “Everyone has set a personal goal – some reached it, some not, but it was a real fight.” 

Kapranova trailed Bessonova and Chachina before her last exercise with the ball – her strongest event. She got 17.175 points and moved into the lead. 

Chachina was leading with 33.000 points after two events but then dropped her clubs in the next exercise to fall back to the third. 

“Unfortunately, Chachina’s nerves failed her the same way as at the Athens Olympics,” Vinner said.  

“Kapranova also had mistakes but less then others and her routines are much more complicated and she presents them much smoother.” – AP  


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